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iPhone 5 Coming


As with all its predecessors, the iPhone 5 is being awaited with great anticipation. As expected, rumors are abuzz about what it will be like. A July announcement is predicted with sales in the U.S. expected to begin in September. Hopefully the earthquake and tsunami in Japan haven’t affected the supply of components.

If Apple was listening at all to some of the comments (more like disappointments) on the iPhone 4, they would surely fix the relatively subpar camera installed. It still puzzles me why they installed such a camera and flash to begin with. Perhaps to leave a lot of room for a giant leap forward?

Apple has always been know to be ahead of its competition – or to attempt to leapfrog them if they get left behind in some aspect. Therefore the rumors about its new camera, which of course is still so hush hush as of the moment, may very well be true – a 3D camera!

Imagine shooting 3D pictures and videos! That would be so cool!

Are you already holding your breath?