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Wakeboard – Epicureans


What would you get when a group of adventurers combine with ‘foodies’? A great big blast. For most, it ended up as a ‘better’, if not non-traditional, alternative to Valentine’s dates.

The brainchild of Eikka Garcia (wakeboarding) and Lars Vinluan (food ‘trip’), the adventure was a way for them to fulfill one of the requirements of their Personal and Group Leadership class, which calls for conceptualizing and executing a mini-project with pre-established objectives and strategies to earn credits for the class – something all students of the class are required to do. This is another good example of theexperiential action learning approach, which is at the heart of the school’s programs and philosophy.

The group met up early morning on Feb 19 – destination: Pampanga!

First stop was Dacawake for some fun in the water. For many it would be their first time to wakeboard. Unsurprisingly, there was much more time spent in the water than on the board. But that did not prevent them from continuing to try to conquer the water and have fun. Indeed, they all did.

From the water, the group then headed into the sky, well SkyRanch. For some it was time to face and challenge their ‘fear’ of heights. Having “butterflies” were a necessary component though to all the fun they had.

From there, what better way to end the day than with a full buffet of Kapampanagan cooking. The group feasted at Balecapampangan and headed back with a full stomach, new friendships, and loads more of great memories.