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Staying Healthy In College


(without really trying!)

By Paola Modesto

Want to look fabulous during the first day of class or look hot in front of your crush? Relax, don’t sweat. Here’s some Rising Dragons tips on how to stay healthy and feel great! Just don’t expect to maintain a perfect record, we all make mistakes and we’re most probably busy with other things! If you set your expectations too high, you will only be setting yourself up for disappointment. You get that enough from schoolwork and life in general, you don’t need that from yourself. Stay healthy, be smart, keep our Rising Dragons tips in mind and stay hot, no matter what the weather is like outside!

1. Try having that eye-stomach connection. Over the holidays, people’s food portions generally become larger because of the lack of organization during their days. One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is to go hungry all day so that they can “afford” the food later on at the big Christmas dinner or a big party they will be attending. Not very smart, is it? You will be so hungry by the time you get to the party that you will forget the word moderation or control. You got to make sure to eat your normal meals and keep your hunger at bay so that you can enjoy the food at the big dinner or party without going overboard. Another thing to do is have a snack before you go to the party. Perhaps a piece of fruit or something along those lines will keep you somewhat satisfied and keep you full for a while.

2. Have your cake and eat it too. We all have those certain dishes or sweets that make the holidays special. Go ahead, indulge! Be choosy about what you indulge in though. Don’t choose the apple pie just because it is lower in fat than the cheese cake. If you want the cheese cake, choose the cheese cake! That one piece of apple pie may not satisfy you, so you may have another one when you could have had just one piece of cheese cake and been completely satisfied. You go to give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays. Just make sure to enjoy them with a sense of moderation. If you want to pig out on dessert, maybe be little more careful with your appetizer.

3. They did say that eight a day keeps the doctor away right? Drink plenty of water. As if you haven’t heard it enough times before, this is important enough to warrant overzealous repetition. Make sure you sneak in at least eight glasses of water in between the eggnog or a hot chocolate. A trick to overeating: drink two glasses of water before digging into a meal.

4. Use the doggie bag! Going on a holiday usually includes visits to several restaurants with friends and family. Depending where you are, usually restaurants portions are loads more than what you should be served. You don’t have to finish your plate in order to get to dessert. In fact, it’s better if you don’t!

5. It’s okay to be picky at potlucks. Potlucks and buffets are the worst because there’s such a variation of foods to readily choose from. Be smart in choosing what you eat as well as how much you pile onto your plate.

6. Don’t forget to slow down. Chances are, the food will still be there. If you eat more slowly, the body has more time to digest that your stomach is getting full. If you gobble down your turkey sandwich and potato soup too quickly, your stomach doesn’t have time to relay to the brain that it’s getting super full so by the time the message does get to the brain, the brain’s like, “Oops… it’s too late” and meanwhile your stomach hurts ad you can’t button the top snap to your jeans!