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Frippery – basic but chic


by Christine Peralta

Why Frippery? Frippery is defined as “showy garment or something that is non-essential.”

With that in mind, I actually wanted to communicate the opposite – that Frippery is really very essential and aside from being basic, its designs are classic. Frippery was actually not my first choice for the brand name. Whimsical was my original brand name. During that time, I was just starting to like the concept of wearing black and white. This was also the time when “minimalism” was the trend.

A lot of younger people typically view the color black as representing “death” or something negative. This is the perspective that I wanted to change. I wanted to show such people that black can be casual yet classy. Plain clothing in black and/or white has a lot to say despite its simplicity and “plainness”.

Frippery stands out from other clothing brands because of its simplicity. The brand only sells plains – the clothes are just in white, black, beige, navy blue, cream or other neutral colors. The brand consciously moved away from the trend of printed clothes. I believe that every woman’s wardrobe needs these “plain” clothes. One cannot replace these plain clothes with anything else. Thus, Frippery represents what is essential in today’s world.

Frippery is for women aged 15 – 35 years old – teenagers, students and young professionals who are looking for such essentials. The current bestseller is Dominique Romper.



Here’s a piece of advice for women who want to get into the fashion business: just have the passion to do what you love because in a year’s time, it will all be worth it if you love what you do.


Christine Peralta is a BS Entrepreneurship student at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia (E.S.A.). She founded Frippery earlier this year.

Apart from being online and at bazaars, Frippery will soon be also available at a retail outlet. Check its Instagram page for details.