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Mocking Jay Part 2

After last year’s successful premiere for Mocking Jay Part 1 at SM Megamall, another group of E.S.A. students decided to make a ‘double sequel’ by doing another premiere, and appropriately, for the next installment of the Hunger Games franchise: Mocking Jay Part 2.Moking Jay Part 2

This time the screening was held at Robinson’s Galleria. Although the venue may have been different, the results were the same, a great success. Almost all the seats were sold, enabling the group to achieve their financial targets.

The premiere was done as one of the main outputs of the Social Entrepreneurship Experience 1 class for a group of eight students.  The projects’s aim was to raise funds for various causes the adopted by the group members.

Although the Mocking Jay series may be over, it won’t come as a surprise if another group decides to complete a trilogy, of movie premiers that is, next year. Mocking Jay ‘prequel’ anyone?