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Foremost Farms Tour

Foremost Farms Visit (Jan 2016)

Some of the students of the Business Plan class visited earlier this month Foremost Farms, which was as recently as 10 years ago considered the largest hog farm in South East Asia. The farm is part of the Lucio Tan Group (LT Group) of companies.

In order to ensure no contaminants were brought into the farm, the contingent donned special clothing and were sprayed with a mild disinfectant.

They were toured by the GM of Foremost Farms who also explained some of the aspects of the operations. To get a better understanding of the whole process, the students went from the farm, which is located in Tanay Rizal, to visit the feed mill facility in Santolan.

Kyle Tabones, a sophomore in the entrepreneurship program, is looking into starting his own hog-raising business. As such, the tour was very educational, as for the other students as well.


The tour was arranged by E.S.A. Chairperson, Vivienne Tan, the daughter of Lucio Tan.