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A Fun Gathering for a Cause

Hapag Kainan

One of the best part about ESA life is being able to practice what you learn in school and at the same time, being able to help out less privileged individuals. That’s why in their Experiential Learning class, Robby Robles, Nico Ong, Nate Buenviaje and Lorenzo Posadas came up with the idea of partnering and organizing an event with Hapag Kainan sa Marikina for its 32nd anniversary celebration recently.

During the event event, they were able to give away 70 pins, 100 net caps, 50 Mugs, 2100 pens, 50 umbrella, 150 shirts, 100 polo shirts, 100 round fans during the program. The beneficiaries from the said event were the children from Barangay Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal.

In addition to the giveaways, the group was also able to provide medicine, clean drinking water and food to the children. Over 300 children from the barangay benefited from the project.


The Hapag Kainan project was done to fulfill the key requirement of one of the students’ classes in the Entrepreneurs School of Asia’s Experiential Learning (EXL) series. As part of their Exl 5 – Social Entrepreneurship Experience 1 class, students are required to conceptualize and implement a project to benefit an advocacy close to their own hearts.