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Rald Santos



Not one to pass up an opportunity, Rald, upon being offered an opportunity to start his own bus line after graduating, set up Luzon Bus Inc. in 2009. Not being a complete newcomer to the transport industry – his family has been in the business for over two decades – Rald was confident he could make a go of it. This wouldn’t be his first foray into business either. That distinction goes to the canteen he had set up a year earlier.

Being in the transportation industry and complying with all the LTO and LTFRB rules for almost a decade now plus managing a fleet of buses on a daily basis is no easy task. One has to endure the day to day Rald 2operations of one’s units, not to mention the seemingly hopeless traffic situation within the metropolis and potential risks on the road. Managing the company efficiently requires a lot of heart and a firm resolve to succeed.

Rald Alvin Santos is a person who has shown he has what it takes to survive in this highly competitive and regulated industry. He is currently the operations manager of the family owned Santrans and likewise the GM of his own Luzon Bus Inc. for nine years now. He has since dropped his initial food business to focus on the bus businesses.

At present, he oversees a total of 300 units of buses plying the route of Norzagaray – Mall of Asia via EDSA, Norzagaray – Sta. Cruz Manila via Marilao Expressway, and Cubao to San Quitin Pangasinan.

Rald is his own boss and loving the challenge!


Rald finished his degree in BS Entrepreneurship in 2009.