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Samsam Bistro

Samsam Bistro

For those of you who are planning to visit Tacloban, be sure to drop by Samsam Bistro. It has the best crispy pata and sisig in town, and the best value halo-halo probably in the entire Visayas.

Located in downtown Tacloban itself, Samsam might be easy to miss at first since it is nestled between a couple of other establishments and has a small frontage. But once you try their fare, you will certainly miss it – the food.

Samsam Halo Halo

Samsam is the brainchild of Sam Gosyco, who is from Tacloban and is in her final year of the entrepreneurship program at E.S.A..

With the help of her family, who is based in Tacloban and run a couple of businesses there, Sam spotted an opportunity after Yolanda     ravaged the city. The city needed a good restaurant to cater to both locals and tourists. Thus, Samsam was born.

Now people from the farther end of the city and traders who come in from the surrounding areas drop by to enjoy great food and the becoming-very-famous halo-halo.