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Klarisse Tabao



Klarisse had always wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a lawyer. She also however wanted to have her own business. So what did she do? Both. Well, actually on the way to doing both.

To facilitate starting up her own business, Klarisse decided to take up BS Entrepreneurship. By the time she had reached her sophomore year however, she had not yet clearly mapped out what business to set up. As such, she switched to E.S.A.’s business administration program, from which she graduated in 2010.

Not long after graduating, Klarisse decided it was time to pursue her other ambition: a law degree. After being accepted into law school however, a business opportunity came knocking. It was in an industry that she has been passionate about, which is beauty and fashion.

Putting her law studies on hold, Klarisse opted to take her passion for beauty a level higher by taking up special classes in Singapore to learn make-up embroidery. This technique was gradually becoming known as a fashion forward trend in countries like Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the US.Eyebrowery

After receiving a high commendation, Klarisse decided to bring the technology here to the Philippines. In late 2015 she opened “The Eyebrowdery” with a vision of becoming the leading and most innovative 3D technology permanent make-up specialist in the country, thus beautifying all her customized clients and giving them the satisfaction of waking up with make-up.