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Right heart and attitude

Jerald 1

After initially struggling to find an appropriate business to start up – there was a time sheep farming was considered – Jerald finally took the entrepreneurial leap when, leveraging his family business, he started his own handicraft business. He took another jump, this time into the food industry, by setting up Paul Calvin’s Deli, which he has used as a springboard to other ventures. Below are some of this thoughts.


“If you have the right heart and attitude in doing the job, you’ll make it.”  Not to mention a can- do  attitude, great brother-partners, and a grounded as well as inspired philosophy.

Lessons Learned:

  • Strategic planning can never be substituted. If you plan, you will definitely do much better.
  • Pay attention to accounting details because they are a potent tool for managing costs and expenses.
  • Inspect and supervise but at a certain point, learn to delegate, too. In this way, you do more things and other people learn to work.
  • Miracles happen. Prayer always works!


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