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VR headsets are here

VR Headsets

Well, actually they’ve been around since the 90s. Back then however, they were bulky, not so impressive nor practical. But they did give us a glimpse of what the future sets could look like. That future has indeed arrived.

With an array of headsets slated to be released this year, tech geeks and gamers alike will surely have a ball. VR headsets will change gaming forever and will have a host of other applications for businesses and consumers.

Launched just last month was the Occulus Rift, which is soon to be followed by the HTC Vive and LG’S 360 VR this month. Sony’s Playstation VR will be available by October.

Prior to this year’s releases, Samsung’s Gear headset and Google’s cardboard have already been available on the market.

Microsoft has shown off a bit of its own HoloLens as has a company called Magic Leap. Both promise to offer even better features than those currently available but have yet to announce specific release dates.

With different offerings, each vendor is aiming to get  fair share of the market while others will certainly not want to be left out of the potentially huge demand as the next big hit gadget. This will be especially true of those that got left out, or kicked out, of the smartphone and tablet markets.

Expect a big war, which in the end should benefit consumers.


Check the links below for a useful review from CNet and also from from Wearable on the current VR sets.