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Little Tokyo Food Trip

Little Tokyo

By Kaitlin Kay

Our objectives for this food trip was mainly to try and experience having a food trip in an unfamiliar location; that which no one in the group had ever been to. We also aimed to discover the various foods in little Tokyo and evaluate whether or not the food was authentic.

While at the restaurant the waiting time was not very long. The waiters and waitresses in Little Tokyo seemed to have basic knowledge in speaking Japanese; which contributes to the authenticity of the area. Little Tokyo in general had decent décor. There were strung up lanterns as well as many trees and bushes, however it was noticeably not very well maintained in some parts of Little Tokyo. There were also stray cats walking about. That aside, the food was well worth it.

The food that our group had ordered were various dishes such as ramen, sushi rolls and rice bowls. As expected, the prices were very much up there, but then again this is exactly what happens when what you pay for is authenticity. JR, one of our group members went on to describe how the ramen he had ordered had a specific ingredient that could only be found and bought in Japan as most Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines did not have it; so it was clear that their products are delivered here to the Philippines. As for the other foods, the sushi rolls were made fresh and on the spot rather than pre-made which is much better in comparison. The rice bowls were also deemed authentic (and tasted best with soy sauce).All food and décor judging aside, it was a fun experience to have a get together with several people.


Little Tokyo is  a small enclave of Japanese restaurants in Legazpi Village, Makati. The restaurants are manned and often times managed by Japanese nationals.