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Christopher Gibbs


By: Raquel Mariano

In everything that we do in life, in business or whatever it is that we do, we need to keep an open mind, keeping an open mind allows for growth by learning from mistakes, participating more and interacting more. Mr. Gibbs mentioned, as an entrepreneur, we need to have an ability to learn, being open minded allows us to learn, try new things and upgrade our craft.

According to Mr. Gibbs, in order to be successful, we must know how to do the basic things. Some successful individuals worked their hardest from scratch until they reached their goal and live the life they have been wanting.

Mr. Gibbs said, as entrepreneur, we need to be different from others, we’re born to stand out, as an open-minded individuals, we don’t mind to try something new, if ever we did something wrong, we’re able to do better the next time we do it.

Stick with you decision– Mr. Gibbs


Christopher Gibbs is a guest lecturer at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia. He has been a successful retail consultant for various international companies. In the Philippines he has worked, among others, with the Rustan’s group.