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TimberGold Organics

timbergold background

Timber Oro Innovative Marketing is a Direct-selling company that was founded by Timberlane Barredo in February 2016. It is the exclusive brand carrier of Timbergold Organics that has a variety of beauty products such as organic soaps, organic shampoo, lotions, face cream, lip balms.

The company offers membership that entitles members to a lifetime discount. The brand has already penetrated some areas outside Metro Manila such as Aurora, General Santos City, Davao City, Dumaguete as there active distributors in those areas.

timbergold productA portion of the company’s marketing allotment is being used to organize programs in partnership with DOH against all mosquito-caused diseases as we give out citronella lotion for free.

This year, Timber Oro will also offer organic household products with ingredients from a plant-based, all-natural concentrate that is diluted with water to use as a powerful and environmentally safe germicidal, odor eliminator, and grease cutter.

It can be used to sanitize all surfaces in homes, offices, hotels or hospitals.  In addition, also this year, Timber Oro Innovative Marketing will also launch its full website.

For more on TimberGold, visit its Facebook page.


Tim Barredo is currently in the final year of BS Entrepreneurship at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia.