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Little Tokyo Food Trip

By Kaitlin Kay Our objectives for this food trip was mainly to try and experience having a food trip in an unfamiliar location; that which no one in the group had ever been to. We also aimed to discover the … Continue reading

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Foremost Farms Tour

Some of the students of the Business Plan class visited earlier this month Foremost Farms, which was as recently as 10 years ago considered the largest hog farm in South East Asia. The farm is part of the Lucio Tan Group … Continue reading

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Hult Visits ESA

by Patricia Alfonso Last November, a Hult representative went to my school, Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and gave a talk about what the school is all about; how their programs and their academic are different from the typical business schools … Continue reading

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A Taste of California

Probably one of the best chilis this side of the world! That would perhaps be an apt way of describing their famous chili. Smother it on fries, burgers, hotdogs and you’ve got yourself the best chili sandwiches. Or you can … Continue reading

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Top of Luzon

by Elaine Caras “Ah! We’re here!” (Speaking from the peak of one of the highest mountains in the country – Mt. Pulag at 2,922 meters above sea level, the ever calm academics director, Mr. Ed Silva) Briefly, seven students and … Continue reading

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Universal Studios: Hollywood

(by Chel Cajucom) Simulation at its best. This is the most appropriate description coming from a tourist that has had the ultimate “Universal” experience. Let me offer you with a warning. Reading on will make you want to experience the … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Like Cebu

(by Monch Salazar) I didn’t like it in Cebu. In fact, I think I was never meant to enjoy Cebu. Yes, I hate to say it, but I think I was bound to hate Cebu—it was raining hard that Saturday … Continue reading

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Food Trip – Macaroons

(by Lynn Oeymo) Bizu is a known place for good dessert, one of my all time favorites are their delicious french macaroons. They have different flavours, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and even mint flavors. Aside from my favorite macaroons they also offer … Continue reading

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Coffee in Puerto Princessa

If you ever find yourself going through Puerto Princessa airport, check out this Crossing Bridges. According to some travelers who’ve been there recently, this cafe serves not only what is probably the best caffeine brew in town but burgers as … Continue reading

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Bangui Windmills

If Don Quixote found the windmills he faced daunting, he certainly would be overwhelmed if he ever trotted over to Bangui in Ilocos Norte. The windmills, officially referred to as the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project, is said to be the … Continue reading

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